Mini Quilt for Erin

I’ve been working on this little quilt “on the side” for a friend’s birthday over the last month or so – whenever I was cutting fabric or piecing something else (or just wanted a 5 minute break in my day), I’d cut a few pieces of these fabrics and put them together. It’s about 10.5×15″, so she can use it for a tablemat or whatever. The free motion quilted words are a little crazy, but were fun to make. The hearts are hand embroidered.

Here’s the back. If it weren’t for the words on the front, it would be reversible. I was curious about trying a different kind of binding for art quilts that I’ve seen a few different places, and thankfully Robin shared tutorial recently (because I asked!) that worked out great here. I’m sure it’ll get better with practice.

(The photos aren’t great because I didn’t quite make my goal of finishing this before the sun went down the day of the party…but at least it got done before we went!)


Baby Jonesie’s Quilt

I have two friends here locally (plus many more far away) who are pregnant at the same time as me, and due within a month of each other. I’ve been working on quilts for their babies to make sure that I was ready in case I got distracted by my own life events first! Both of these families have chosen to be surprised by the gender of the babies, so that calls for unisex quilts, (which gives me permission to use bright colors!). Tarah’s shower was this weekend, so I can show her quilt here now.

The design of this quilt comes straight from color coding the fabric in my stash closet and noticing that these colors and patterns looked good together. I bought the solid green (Kona Kelly) to give the eye a resting place from the patterns because I didn’t want to use white. I cut strips from the 44″ width of the fabric in various widths and laid them out until I was happy with the design and the size. The only problem with this kind of pattern is that you need at least a half yard cut (a fat quarter won’t work) because you need the strips to be the full width of the bolt.

For the back, I just took the leftover strips and laid them the other direction so there’s an interesting design on the back, too. I quilted with diagonal lines (I marked in one direction but not the other, which is why they’re slightly off) with single lines in one direction and double lines in the other. I used a scrappy binding instead of focusing on just one of the prints. The quilt measures about 43×30″.

This is the first of my quilts that I’ve actually labeled, and of course I left that step until I was walking out the door for the shower. I  just wrote on some white fabric with pinked edges with a fine tip Sharpie and used embroidery floss to secure it to the quilt. Since I attached it after I washed it, the edges will curl up somewhat the next time the quilt is washed.