Hm, so what do I want to say about myself here? I’m counting down the days to 30, and am enjoying my first year of marriage. I live in Williamsburg, VA – a beautiful little town where most people come to be tourists or retire. I named the blog “sewing is my PS3” because that’s how I explain my love for the hobby to my husband, but in reality blogs are my PS3, and sewing is my working on cars. Details. I majored in math and music in college – math helps pay the bills and is reflective of my super-analytical personality, and the piano has been usurped in many ways by the sewing machine, since I find satisfaction in seeing something tangible after my creative time. I cook without recipes and sew without patterns, but rely on sheet music at the piano, which may be another part of the problem there.

I’m a midwestern girl at heart and, while I may love city style and fancy things, practicality, thriftiness, and wide open spaces will probably always win out for my affections.


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