Links for the week of March 13

Becca_xstitch(This is an 8×10 birth announcement cross stitch that took 2 years to finish because I was afraid to mess it up with lettering. Pattern found here.)

So tired at the end of daylight savings week! It takes us until the first full weekend to re-set our body clocks.

History of Indigo Dying at Creativebug. My favorite part was about a 16 year old pre-revolutionary war girl in South Carolina.

I love this dress – using solid fabric creates such a different look than the loud prints I’ve previously seen this sewn up in. I get distracted by prints when I’m buying fabric but good black dresses are staples in my wardrobe and this double gauze would carry it into summertime wear.

My kids couldn’t complain about wearing coats if they had a cute one like this, could they? (And yes, yes they could, but thankfully it’s turning warmer and the only problem in the morning is debating between a sweatshirt, light jacket, or just long sleeves).

This set of art picked out by Erin McKean could gladly come live at my house.

Some good reminders about DIY anxiety (don’t compare your sewing to the results of professionals!).


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