Rainbow Braid Baby Quilt

Rainbow Braid Quilt

I really like this quilt, but I feel like in some ways it’s just ticking the boxes of a so-called “modern” quilt or pinterest trends. Solids (ombres)? Check. Chevrons/braids? Check. Text/number fabric? Check. Low volume background? Check. Whatever, I like it, and it was really fun to make.

Rainbow Braid Quilt

I really like sharing process photos on instagram, so look over there if you’d like to see how it played out. It started with a “simply color” jelly roll and a braid block, which is nothing new. I made one rainbow block and one monochromatic block, and then decided I wanted to play with different color combinations instead of sticking to one idea or the other.

Rainbow Braid Quilt

I put the blocks on point and used “architextures” prints in black, white, and gray for the background and border. I buy fabric for stash, not by project, so I had to use a couple prints to make it all work, but I think they blend.

Rainbow Braid Quilt Back

The back was from a fat eighth stack I had of Simply Color, and was a simple design I had in mind from those fabrics, so it was fun to do here. I originally wanted to use a white or cream background, but thought a print would be more forgiving for a baby quilt that will be used on the floor. If I had more fabric I would have tried to match up those stems! I quilted this in straight lines offset through the center that you can see here.

Close up of Quilting

This headed off to a soon-anticipated baby girl last week!

Rainbow Braid Baby Quilt

(Someone else likes to pose for pictures)


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