Patchwork Please Handy Market Tote

My mom carries a lot of totes between her different workplaces. So when I was looking at Patchwork Please to see what my first project would be, I knew this tote would be received well. I have a stack of music-themed fabrics with my mom’s name all over them just ready to make things for her. I didn’t quite get this done in time for her birthday, but with time to spare to get it linked up for the Zakka 2.0 sew-along!
I read through the directions a couple times, but they didn’t all make sense so I just put it together how it made sense to me for the most part. I really should have added the buttons for the pockets to keep them in place. I used some home dec fabric as interfacing, which is what I usually do on bags instead of keeping a supply on hand of a wide variety of interfacings.
As far as the pattern directions go, there was room for improvement. I would have loved a helpful hint on how the sample in the book had such square corners. Mine didn’t turn out so boxy. They could have used some technical help, too: the pieces were referred to as “the square” or “the linen piece” instead of labeled “A, B, C, etc” so if you’re using a different kind of fabric it was tough to keep track of what’s what. There aren’t any diagrams to show you what’s happening, so the clarity in the written instructions is very important. Thankfully, this is a pretty straightforward tote that isn’t too tough to figure out if you’ve sewn totes before.