Treasure Pocket Pants

Treasure pocket pants #sewing #sewingforboysCarl's not a fan of the crazy pants (treasure pocket pants). They are kind of bell bottoms

Have you made these pants from Sewing for Boys? They’re really appealing as a way to include a spot of cute fabric on the side of some boys’ pants, plus pockets are fun (except Will doesn’t use them yet). They’re kind of a pain to make, though! There are several errata for the book, as with most sewing books, unfortunately, but after staring for awhile at instructions that didn’t make sense I decided that  I should probably just sew them like it made sense to me, instead of worrying too much about following them. There were a couple new things to learn, like the hem facings and faux fly, but I did the waistband a completely different way that worked better for me. Now that they’re done, Carl thinks they’re too girly, and I admit they are kind of like bell bottoms. I’ll have to use a pair with a slimmer leg for my next pair of boys’ pants, and maybe keep the contrasting fabric to the inside.

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