Triangle Quilt in Progress

For the first time since last August, I have a quilt basted and under the needle for quilting. I have a few other finished tops and many others in progress, but this one took priority recently and I haven’t wanted to finish any of the others until this one was done. I’m not good at blogging the process of making a quilt (because I just want to get it done in the time I have) but I thought I’d take a blog post to share the instagrams I’ve taken along the way so it doesn’t look like it just came out of nowhere when I show the finished quilt (soon! hopefully very soon!). Sorry for poor picture quality – I sew late at night and in the winter I’m not home much during the daylight, so there’s not much opportunity for natural light photography!

Fabric stack – 24 Nov 2012

See how I pulled this stack before Christmas? I knew I wouldn’t finish it in time with the other stuff I was making, but that’s when the idea originated. It was fun to pull a stack of fabric for this quilt. I’m making it for my brother, who is a graphic designer and artist, so I knew he’d appreciate the text prints. There are several Julia Rothman Cloud 9 fabrics that I’ve always wanted to use in a triangle quilt, and this use is more interesting than one just limited to that line. I left out the prints that had pink in them to keep it more manly. There are several prints from last summer’s London line from Dear Stella, because he spent a semester in college living in the UK. I used the yellow dot to add some contrast to the design and keep things from being too busy. This size quilt used 14 different fabrics, but considering there are a couple half yards it would be 16 fat quarters.

Cutting – 2 March 2012

Somehow it took me 3 months to start cutting seriously! January and February saw very little craft time, and when I did have a little time I wanted to sit down and sew right away or see immediate results (like with baby dresses). The hardest part of making this quilt was cutting all those triangles. I like to jump right into sewing, and cut as I go or start with a whole bunch of strips or squares. This one required a little more precision. I used this 60 degree ruler (LINK) and chose to make them 6″ finished just because I could get the most out of a fat quarter that way (I would have loved to go bigger to speed things up, but didn’t want to waste more fabric). Cutting all of the dog-ears was time-consuming up front, but definitely helped with precision in piecing.

Finished cutting – 10 April 2012

If you’re interested in making a thousand pyraminds quilt yourself, Ebony Love had a cut-along for this pattern that just wrapped up that had a lot of great information. I bought the Sizzix isosceles die for future projects, although I’ll have to get better at eyeballing how to line them up because it doesn’t have the dog-ears cut already.

Triangle Sets – 26 April 2012

The toughest part of stitching was, of course, the bias edges. I had a pile that I unpicked and re-sewed because they weren’t quite right, but the good thing about the busy prints is that it helps hide the triangle points that got lost. I saw a good tip somewhere to stitch with the straight-edge fabric on the top and the bias on the bottom, if there’s a choice, and somehow the feed-dogs help ease things in.

Laid out rows – 30 April 2012

I didn’t lay this all out before I started sewing block sets because I don’t have a design wall – I just laid it out once I got to the stage of sewing rows. Somehow the dimensions I sketched out didn’t work in practice and I was missing at least a row of triangles, so I cut a few extras, and then decided to just go for a border. My brother is over 6 ft tall, and I wanted to make sure it was big enough to cover him completely. I think it’s going to be just shy of a double bed sized now.

Finished top – 24 May 2012

Here’s a peek of the finished top, because I don’t have a spot that’s far enough away in the house to get a picture of the whole thing. I think my desire to start sewing other things is going to motivate me to finish this up!


One thought on “Triangle Quilt in Progress

  1. Triangles! You go, girl! This looks great. I started a triangle experiment but put it on hold for many other projects. And, I think I was intimidated by that tricky lining-things-up thing you referenced! Must read another tutorial before I put all that under the presser foot.

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