Yellow Tilly Tova


One of my sewing projects on maternity leave was to make myself a Wiksten Tova top. I made it out of Daisy Janie Tilly fabric (another print from the line is still available here – it was totally great to sew with). Hopefully it was my first of a few more, but it’s not exactly dressy enough for work (or I haven’t figured out how to make it dressy yet), so we’ll see. It was a great project to do as I had time, because the steps were each straightforward, simple things to do.


I made an XL based on my post-partum measurements, but I had to make a huge bust dart, and then re-draw the armhole and was left with a gaping opening there so I won’t really be able to wear it sleeveless without a cardigan over it. I was kind of just making it sleeveless to save on fabric, but it would have been nice if the armhole had worked out. I don’t know if I should size down to a large or a medium for a next one – I’ve seen the armhole problem on other ones but probably need to read more reviews on flickr to see what other people have done. I’ll definitely be using the sleeve pattern next.


I’m also not quite sure about the neckline – I’ve seen pictures of some that flop open that look ok, but on me I like it to stay closed, so maybe I’ll add some buttons on the next one.


4 thoughts on “Yellow Tilly Tova

  1. Starr H says:

    Love it! The yoke reminds me of a favorite knit dress I have.

    This might get rid of the sleeve problem: try taking the bust measurement above your actual bust, level with your armpits, and choose the pattern size based on that measurement. Then add an adjustment for full bust to the pattern before cutting your fabric (any sewing reference book should have instructions for doing this).

    • Thanks for the comment! I’ve been avoiding learning an FBA because it’s only a problem while I’m nursing and pregnant, but I should probably suck it up since that’s the phase of life I’m in right now!

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