Baby Boy Quilt

I’m still posting baby quilts – just one more to get caught up on after this! I’m hoping to stretch to some that are slightly bigger and more complicated next, but we’ll see. There’s something nice about getting something done quickly.
Edward's Quilt
My sister’s baby was due 2 weeks after mine. My baby came 10 days late, and hers a few less than that, but they ended up being born only 1 week apart. While we were waiting for our little girl, though, I worked on finishing up this quilt for my sister’s little boy. I hadn’t been pressuring myself to work on a timeline for it, but I figured while my parents were here and I had some extra babysitting help I might as well work on it. My mom commented that the baby couldn’t come until this quilt was done. Turns out I stitched on the binding Sunday afternoon and had the baby first thing Monday morning! Watch what you say around a late baby, I guess! I had to have them take a couple pictures before they took it back to IL with them, since I was otherwise occupied after it was finished.
Back of Edward's Quilt
I had a pattern that I used as reference for this quilt, but it was written for solids instead of prints, and I misplaced it when I was figuring out sizes, so I just used it for inspiration for the layout and pieced the blocks as snowballs instead of piecing the centers. It’s not easy to see the prints in these pictures, but they include Laurie Wisbrun dogs in trucks, Heather Ross gnomes, a traffic print, green Riley Blake chevrons, and Denyse Schmidt prints from Joann’s in greens and blues. The solid is Connecting Threads in Sandstone. To quilt it, I outlined each print in the solid section. Inside the printed pieces I used a sketchy scalloped starburst design that you can kind of see on the back. There were a ton of threads to bury, but otherwise it worked fine. It did work well for short quilting sections to not be doing an all over design. It measures about 56×62 – on the bigger end of baby quilts, but not to big to move around. Hopefully it’ll be something little Edward can grow up with and have fun with for a long time!


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