Eleanor Grosch Baby Quilt

Judah's Quilt
In my effort to get caught up on baby quilts (and get it sent out with the long overdue quilt in my last post), I decided to make the quilt for this baby boy very simple. Two half yard cuts of the green animals (by Eleanor Grosch, one of my favorite illustrators / surface pattern designers – still available some places) separated by strips of blue (from Connecting Threads).
Judah's Quilt
The problem is that even simple quilts have to be basted and quilted! Quilting a baby quilt doesn’t take long and isn’t a dreaded part of the process any more (yay for my vintage Bernina 830!), but I always procrastinate on the basting piece, and then the quilting falls to the end of the queue behind several other projects. This almost-whole-cloth design was fun, though, for trying out a couple new to me designs, along with my favorite meandering loops. I thought the zig-zags looked a little like grass for the animals to be hiding in.
Back of Judah's Quilt
When I was done I realized that I had left the feed dogs up this time, but it didn’t seem to make the quilting any harder. I just had to make sure to slow down how fast I was moving the quilt when the stitches started getting too long. I backed this one in a solid green (Kelly from Connecting Threads) that shows off the different quilting stitches well.


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