Ruched Maternity Top

Ruched Maternity Top
I’ve been wanting to get more comfortable sewing knits for awhile now, and this was just the right project to boost my confidence – it came together easily and filled a gap in my wardrobe (t-shirts that are long enough to cover my growing belly without gaping!). It’s Megan Nielsen’s Ruched Maternity T-shirt pattern , and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Plus, I bought a four pack of her maternity patterns and I’m glad that I got around to making one of them (which makes this kind of an expensive project, shh). I don’t have much more than a month left in this pregnancy (if that) and I’m already tempted to make another one! I made a medium, and my only concern with it is that she calls for a stretch knit, and I’m not sure if the knit I have on hand has quite enough stretch. The shirt definitely would have been tight if I hadn’t used a stretchy fabric. I found this one at Joann’s – their April Johnston Project Runway collection, but I don’t see it online now. It looks like it might have been a rayon spandex, though. I serged the seams, didn’t use clear elastic to stabilize the sides, and used a twin needle with fusible knit interfacing on the neckline and hems. It was my first time doing that and I didn’t do it quite right, but you can’t really tell on the outside.

This can also serve as my 34 week picture! I’m glad I took plenty of pictures of my growing belly the first time around – that definitely wasn’t going to happen this pregnancy with a toddler running loose. Most days when I get home from work he’s primed and ready for dinner, and by the time that’s done I’m ready to not be dressed in my work clothes anymore. Plus the first half of the pregnancy it was dark when I got home, so outside photos weren’t an option.


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