Quarter Log Cabin Quilt

Pastel Quarter Logs
I started this quilt and finished the top before Will was born, so in fall 2010. I was mostly just playing around with fabric in these colors, but it’s a good thing we’re having our own girl now so I have a reason to keep it ;). Some of the prints are vintage, some are repros, and many are Amy Butler.
Pastel Quarter Logs I picked a variety of pastelly sherbety prints from my stash and went from there. I cut them into random strips, sewed log cabins, and cut those log cabins into fourths. The green solid is such a soft linen. I sewed a piece of the linen to each of the quarter log-cabins, sewed each of those into rows, and then used the navy and pink as sashing to set apart the design a little bit (Is that clear? I could draw out a tutorial) which made it slightly less sweet and more preppy.
Pastel Quarter LogsThe leftover pieces are sewn into random bits on the back of the quilt.
Pastel Quarter LogsI finished the top and back at the same time, but was too pregnant to baste and sit behind my machine doing much quilting. When I got the Pfaff last summer I was much more excited to spend time quilting than on my Singer, so I used the free-motion foot to do these straight lines in an evening or two (and eventually got around to the binding, too!).Pastel Quarter Logs


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