Brown & Green Quilt

Brown & Green Quilt
This project is so old that it could really count as one of my first quilts. I know I bought the fabric & pattern & “planned” it back in 2008. I was thinking of some friends that were getting married that year, so I wanted it to be in colors that would be somewhat unisex. I bought a few earthy colors and something like 5 yards of khaki kona for my solid. It was supposed to be a cross quilt (from this pattern) but after I cut out all of the fabric and made one block the way the pattern wrote it, I realized there was no way I was going to match up an inset center for each and every block. So I sewed each of the blocks without the cross-bar of the cross, and left them in a pile for a few years!
Brown & Green Quilt
I thought about a few different ways that I could set them – randomly slashed strips across each block, different kinds of sashing, etc, but last year I decided enough was enough and I needed to get it out of my WIP pile so it could stop cluttering my brain unnecessarily. I set out a layout that worked well enough, and quilted it with an all over loopy design in a variegated thread.
Brown & Green Quilt
The backing is pieced of coordinating prints.
Brown & Green Quilt Back If anything, it’s good to see how my visual sense of what a quilt will be before I start has changed over time, and that my design sense has matured somewhat for how I choose a project at the beginning.


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