Orange Mini Quilt

orange mini quilt
orange mini quilt
I have a long sewing “to-do” list – clothes for me and the babies, occasional ‘work’ sewing (if there’s money attached it generally goes to the front of the line, which is still pretty fun at this point), stacks of fabric for quilts that are planned/dreamed to one day get sewn, home dec type projects, etc. This one falls nowhere on the list. I thought the tangerine tango challenge would be fun, and made it with that in mind, but didn’t even let the deadline get in my way of enjoying myself (only the binding didn’t get done in time, but I knew I wouldn’t get very good pictures late at night). This is definitely my favorite kind of piecing – cutting up pieces of fabric and seeing the best way to sew them back together as I go. I was reading (Rayna Gillman’s book) at the time, so there’s probably some influence from that in the process. The orange is from a Marimekko remnant I received as a gift (via the Crate and Barrel outlet), and the navy is a lightweight import from Taiwan (? – faux Japanese style etsy seller). Because I was just playing, I used thread I had on hand from a craft store, not my favorite quilting threads, but pebble quilting uses up a lot of thread and the yellow-orange spool ran out before I got to the end so I switched to pink halfway. It all adds to the character, right? I wish I could make free motion pebbles/circles without so much repeating, but maybe that would come with more practice. The binding that wraps to the back.


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