Noah’s Quilt

Noah's quilt
Noah's quilt

I may never actually get caught up with making quilts for all of my friends who have had babies and are having them now, since we’re all in that phase of life together, but when I have a stack of fabric set aside for a certain kid it’s hard to think of it as anyone else’s! This was given to a “baby” who is 16 months old now and long past needing a play mat, but at 41×49″, at least it’s still bigger than he is!
Noah's quilt
This was a pretty simple strip quilt to make – I cut the strips to different widths and added the gray at varying lengths to the ends. I could have used less fabric if I planned it out first, but it was easier to do visually. I lost almost 2 rows when I was squaring it up, so either my rows needed to be straighter or my backing a little bigger (or both). The scalloped quilting was super fun and easy to do (although there are a few puckers).
Noah's quilt back


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