Dala Quilt

Dala Quilt
I love this quilt, and it makes me sad that I have such bad photos of it. That’s what happens when you finish sewing on the binding half and hour before Christmas Eve dinner, I guess. The other reason it was so late in being made was that I made it during my first trimester, when my energy is at its lowest and I was going to bed at 8 pm every night, which left only weekend naptimes to get it done. I ended up using a day of babysitting Dec 23rd to do the quilting, in true last-minute fashion, when I just happened to be running a low fever. Nothing like a deadline! It was a Christmas gift for Carl’s Swedish grandmother. The dalas are scraps from a family friend who has a business involving traditional Swedish textiles. The frames for each square are mostly from the first line Denyse Schmidt did for JoAnn’s last year, with a few scraps from thrift store shirts and a Japanese fat quarter, just to mix it up a bit. I had a hard time deciding how to quilt (and discovered that ripping out quilting stitches is really not fun) but I ended up doing loops in the frame and tying the centers with wool embroidery floss so the quilting stitches wouldn’t overwhelm the horses.
Back of Dala Quilt
The backing was inspired by the Swedish flag, of course, made of Connecting Threads prints. This quilt is lap-sized, if I remember correctly it was something like 52×52″. When I finished this Carl asked if I’d be making one for us, too – I don’t have enough of the horses left to do another full one, but there are some scraps that may work their way into another project.