Crazy Pants

Crazy baby pants
Crazy baby pants
I actually sewed an item of clothing for Will! Well, at least he got one in before his future sister stole the spotlight. These are the big butt baby pants in 12 mo, and they’re a great, easy pattern. I didn’t put in a contrasting print – I figured it was bad enough that I was making him wear such a crazy print, and without even having a shirt that matches. I started making them for his birthday, realized I didn’t have elastic, cut the wrong width of elastic, and finally finished them in February because they’re corduroy and it won’t be cool enough for them for much longer. We have so many clothes for this boy between hand me downs and the lucky craigslist haul I made, that it’s hardly seemed worth the effort to make clothes that wouldn’t stand out from the crowd when he has clothes he hasn’t even worn. These definitely stand out from the crowd! We’ll just call it a Euro look, ok? We’ll see if I can get an Easter shirt made for him, or get comfortable sewing with knits to sew some creative t-shirts. Maybe next year I’ll be making him ties to match his sister’s dresses.


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