Pfaff 30


PFAFF 30This is my “new” old sewing machine, a Pfaff 30 from approximately 1961. I got it around Mother’s Day (and found another vintage machine the same weekend that needs a few repairs) thanks to some craigslist searching. It has a few curious traits: I can’t find bobbins that fit exactly so we have to modify them (the Singer class 15’s are the closest approximation, so it’s likely a Singer clone), stretch belts seem to be the best fit but they don’t last very long, and the manual says no cotton thread in the bobbin but I still like my Aurifil best for quilting so I use different threads top and bottom, which is probably the cause of the occasional thread breakage. It’s a straight stitch machine which means I’m keeping my old cheapo around for things like buttonholes, but the feed dogs drop and it’s great for free motion quilting. I’d much rather have thread that breaks than needles that fall out and break like in my old (newer) machine, and it’s nice to be able to take a screwdriver to it to adjust things without feeling like the whole thing could fall apart. Thankfully Carl’s interested enough in the machine side of things to keep it up and running when something’s a bit off. I subscribed to the yahoo vintage pfaff group, and I’m just not at that level of devotion to the machines. This one’s working out well for me, though, and the reliability after 50 years is pretty amazing.

(And yeah, there’s a little bit of fabric on my “cutting table” that needs to find a home on my shelves!)