Amateur Photography Hour

Emily's showerI’m still getting used to taking pictures with the “fancy” (DSLR) cameras, and this bugs me about what I uploaded last night from a friend’s bridal shower. The first picture the flash came on on auto, so I turned it off for the second one. Much better lighting, but my f-stop was wrong so I focused way in the distance and had a blurry subject.
Emily's shower

Emily's showerThen we wanted a group shot. I’m happy with the one I took myself, but I have a suspicious that the guy I handed my camera off to so I could be in the picture thought he’d change a setting, because every picture he took was washed out and blurry. He was taking pictures of his own family with a DSLR, so it seemed like maybe he could handle it.Emily's showerThe rest of the pictures from the shower are on Facebook.