Proof that I still sew

quilt blocksI’ve snuck a bit of sewing and crafting into weekend naptimes lately, but haven’t gotten around to taking pictures of everything. These are tiny little blocks, measuring 5-6″ (accuracy in stitching is not my strong point), so each of the half-square triangle units inside are 1.5″ finished, if I remember right. And that partial block in the lower right hand corner may have gone missing. I’m blaming the dog.  I’m not sure if these will be in a doll quilt or the center of a medallion, but there are plenty of other WIP’s to keep them company.

The fabrics are from a City Weekend Mini-charm pack (2.5″ square) that I won on a Martha Stewart crafts department blog giveaway.


Small Craft

small craft

Just a small craft for the bridal shower below – a brooch for the bride. We held the shower at a restaurant (the Kingsmill marina, beautiful setting on the James River), so there wasn’t a lot of prep that needed to be done. I pulled out my box of lace scraps, felt and ribbon, and did a touch of stitching and gluing while chasing Will around. I suppose I could have trimmed those loose threads, but that’s that.


Amateur Photography Hour

Emily's showerI’m still getting used to taking pictures with the “fancy” (DSLR) cameras, and this bugs me about what I uploaded last night from a friend’s bridal shower. The first picture the flash came on on auto, so I turned it off for the second one. Much better lighting, but my f-stop was wrong so I focused way in the distance and had a blurry subject.
Emily's shower

Emily's showerThen we wanted a group shot. I’m happy with the one I took myself, but I have a suspicious that the guy I handed my camera off to so I could be in the picture thought he’d change a setting, because every picture he took was washed out and blurry. He was taking pictures of his own family with a DSLR, so it seemed like maybe he could handle it.Emily's showerThe rest of the pictures from the shower are on Facebook.