Burlap Curtains

What do you think of burlap curtains? Our front two windows have double curtain rods, but I’m so not into polyester sheers. The ceilings are on the high side, so we’d be looking at 8.5 feet of curtains to graze the floor, and I’m not finding many options below $100 per window since you have to buy each curtain & sheer by the panel (the burlap curtains above, btw, are Pottery Barn and are $80 per panel). I’m not sure that the burlap you buy for $1.50 a yard is the same quality as what pottery barn uses, and I can’t believe I’m considering sewing my curtains (so boring & time consuming) but we have plenty of other windows that we’ll be buying blinds for and it’s going to add up! I think for the “sheers” I’ll use cotton gauze – a little more expensive at $3.85 a yard, but better than polyester and it’ll add a little texture. It should be a nice, casual look overall.

Or should I just use these used potato sacks? (Kidding, kind of).