Pennants and Pinterest

You know what trend is really overdone in the crafty world right now? Pennants. And yet this is my inspiration photo for the bonus room, and I’ll probably make a pennant string for somewhere in the space, although I’m looking at the palest shades of yellow imaginable. And we’ll all be sharing the space, hopefully, instead of having it just as a playroom. I’m thinking we’ll hang up the flags we own (and maybe buy a couple more to round out the collection), hang this up as curtains, and do some kind of bright polka dots like these but maybe cut out of felt and adhered with sticky backed velcro so they can be played with. I’ll report back if that turns out to be genius or the worst idea ever. (And can I just say that it confuses me to have that website be – I type every time).

I’m keeping track of the pictures I like for decorating, and a whole lot of other things, over on pinterest. Check out my boards here.  Also, if you want to join let me know – it says invite only but I requested an account and it only took a couple days to get added. I didn’t sign up at first because I didn’t know why I’d need a visual bookmarking tool because I don’t think of myself as being super visual, but it turns out it’s the handiest way to bookmark there is, and I get annoyed when sites don’t have pictures because they can’t go on my pinterest. Also, the community aspect is really straightforward – it’s kind of what I hoped tumblr would be, but wasn’t, even if sometimes it feels like the same images are getting recycled on everyone’s boards. I make an effort to add new things and not just repin all the time, so there’s fresh stuff floating around. And remember to pin from the most specific post page you can find so the author/stylist/photographer is really credited (ie don’t pull from a site that’s already aggregating content so I have to click through 5 pages to see where it really came from).


Decorating the new house

If good blogs have a story-like narrative, I’ll admit to being a terrible blogger and make the startling revelation that we’ve bought a house and are moving in starting next week! Yeah, the conventional way might be to blog about our search process, the house we’ve found and put under contract, and everything along the way, but we’ve been browsing for a long time and didn’t really believe we’d find the right thing in our price range until we had an offer that was accepted last month. Even then, it was hard to believe that the deal wouldn’t fall through along the way, but it didn’t, and we get the keys next Sunday. We’re almost all packed up now, and a move 10 minutes down the road isn’t as tough as most other situations, although having an almost 5 month old means we’ll need a lot of extra help to get ourselves settled.

Since we got married two years ago and combined our two houses full of stuff into one, there hasn’t been much decorating outside of hanging everything in sight on the wall so it wouldn’t get ruined. We packed up stuff that didn’t fit and either gave it away or put it in storage somewhere else until we’d have room for it again. We didn’t want to do anything major that might affect selling or renting our current house – even a lot of the planting that Carl did last year was in big containers so that we could take bushes and trees with us if we found a place. We’ll have no problem filling the new space, except for a few bigger pieces of furniture (I can always use more bookshelves, no matter how many times I sort through my books). So I’m pretty excited to get the chance to decorate again, even if it’s more of a challenge incorporating someone else’s tastes into the space – it’ll be good to have a house that’s really ours, not just his or mine.

When I moved into our current house, all of the walls had been painted white, which left me with a blank canvas and meant I could take my time with picking colors and painting. I painted the kitchen, living room, and one wall in the bedroom. The former owners of our new house kind of took the rainbow approach to color choice, with no white walls left in the place, and almost every room a different, bold, color. Even in rooms where the color isn’t so bad, they’re definitely not what I would have chosen, and it just wouldn’t feel like it was ours if we didn’t change a few things around.

We’re prioritizing which rooms to paint first, so we can get as much as possible done before our stuff is moved in. I’m not sure how that’ll happen in less than a week’s time, but that’s the plan! You want to know what’s weird? One of the things I like the least is the bright blue ceilings in the kids’ rooms (Will’s room and the guest room), but we’re considering a light aqua ceiling in the kitchen. The kitchen has white cabinets, black & white linoleum floors, and lavender walls.

I was looking for pictures online to convince Carl of my vision of turquoise walls to go with the black and white, and I found this image to illustrate (it won’t let me post it here) from a vintage catalog that’s way more my era than Carl’s. So turquoise walls were out, and a turquoise ceiling was in. A search on the House of Turquoise blog (which seriously could be my guide for decorating the entire house, I love those colors so much) brought us this inspiration photo:


So the plan is for the walls to be white, and the ceiling to be blue. We’ll have to figure out a few things, like how to make it blend it well with the family room since they’re connected. And our wood dining table will be in this room so that I can have the dining room for a craft space, so I may be covering it with a black & white tablecloth to make the room feel ok. When first started quilting I collected a lot of black and white fabric that I haven’t been very inspired by lately, but they’ll come in handy to make some decorations (placemats, runner, wall hanging, etc) here.