Feeling inspired to capture the corners of my home again for the first time in a long time, realizing one day I’ll probably feel nostalgia for this place even though we’ve been feeling cramped here for a long time. It’s not too difficult to find the beauty, though, when there are roses blooming next to your bed. Turns out they’re a fan of the humidifier we’ve been running for the baby, and it’s a great source of winter sun. It’s a pretty good way to make it through February.


2 thoughts on “Corners

  1. so true, I have a wave of emotions since I’m a renter here, but someday I know I will miss this place and wish I had decorated and enjoyed every nook and cranny more than I do…so I will make better efforts to do that!

  2. i got out in the garden today (just to tidy it up a bit) and it was such a therapeutic experience… i’m going to miss gardening after we move.

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