2010 Quilts, and 2011 Goals

If I had had to guess at the beginning of 2010 what my total quilt number would be at the end of the year, I would have guessed a little higher. I finished my first quilt in 2009 and made at least 8 projects, and I had to include mini quilts to get up to 9 for this year. I definitely purchased enough fabric for quite a few more! But life events get in the way, and being pregnant meant that there were a few months when I was too tired to even think about sitting up at the machine – and that was just the first trimester! I didn’t finish my first quilt of the year until August, which means my numbers are actually pretty good, considering there’s been no time for projects the last 6 weeks after the baby has been here, and the couple weeks before that were pretty slow too. Most were for gifts, and I sold my first quilt on etsy this year as well.

I don’t have very high hopes for finishing a large number of projects in 2011 with a young baby and going back to work, but once Will starts sleeping longer through the night and our evenings can be structured a little more, maybe there will be a little chance, fingers crossed! I won’t be buying fabric for awhile, so hopefully my collection won’t be sitting on the shelf untouched for too long.

I made a few garments in 2010, but thrifted much more of my maternity wardrobe than I made. I’m ready for some new post-partum clothes, but I don’t know if I’ll have the chance to make anything soon or if I’ll be back at the thrifts for those, too. Hopefully I’ll get around to making a few things for Will, but he’s got a great gifted and thrifted wardrobe, too! My biggest goal would be some confidence in sewing with knits – I know they can be quick to sew, but it still intimidates me to mess things up there. I know if I can make some more knit garments they’ll be the things that are most likely to be worn. I’d also like to gain the confidence to make things in ways other than directly as the pattern directs, without over-thinking every step. We’ll see!

2011 Sewing Goals:

1. Sew from my stash

2. Sew clothes from knits

3. Sew for Will

4. Sew garments without following pattern exactly

5. Explore art quilting further


One thought on “2010 Quilts, and 2011 Goals

  1. I really like your 2011 sewing goals. I think I might take your list…especially the sewing from knits (freaks me out).

    happy new year full of lovely projects xox

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