Baby shower in a box

A couple friends who don’t live nearby are having babies now too – we’re all at that phase of life! I haven’t had time to finish quilts for everyone, so I made a couple quick baby gifts to include in our baby shower in a box package. This is a simple receiving blanket made of 1 yard of quilting cotton on one side, and a yard of flannel on the other. I stitched them together right sides together, flipped them right sides out, and did a three step zig zag for an edging stitch.

I cut out blocks for a couple quilt tops with this good folks fabric. These were the leftovers, and I made a patchwork bib. It would have been a quick project, except now I’m working on nap schedule and finding people to hold the baby so I can finish a quick project. The narrow quilting lines were the most time consuming part. I did the patchwork with the batting as a foundation piece, so I didn’t have to iron each step. These are great for using up scraps of batting. To save time, I used pre-made bias tape binding, and my machine stitching could definitely use some help.

These are in the running for the kind of thing I could make for


One thought on “Baby shower in a box

  1. Marichelle says:

    Swooning over that first bib, the colors and patterns are so perfect! By the way, I’m in awe of your energy and creativity inspite of being a new mommy. How do you do it all? Congratulations, Will is such a cutie pie! xo Marichelle PS. Your comment about the seasons made me snort 🙂

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