Will’s “Made by Mama” Quilt

Of the baby quilts that I made this summer, this was by far the longest process, mostly because each decision seemed so important. This one’s for my own son, after all! So I wanted it to be an heirloom, and classic enough that we would love it forever. I knew I wanted to use the vintage cowboy fabrics and the big pinwheel, which I feel like I’ve seen somewhere but I couldn’t find it anywhere once I started looking for it.

Eventually I just started cutting into the fabric, which is really the best way to get through the pressure of a creative block. The stars in the corner are basically from Victoria’s wonky star tutorial, except that I used 5″ squares and then cut down the white space around the edges tight to the points of the stars, making the squares even sizes (which I think ended up around 11″). The big stripes on the edges were meant to go the other way, but of course all the pressure to make this the perfect quilt and careful measuring because I had just barely enough fabric for the design meant that I made the first cut incorrectly. That put me back in the place of needing to improvise a solution, which is how I operate best anyway. I did simple straight line quilting, also because I needed to finish the quilt and not stress out about the quality of the free motion quilting.

The back is pieced from leftovers and one print that happened to coordinate with the lighter cowboy print.

Close-up of the cowboy fabrics.

Pinwheel – I started with 17″ squares for each quarter of the middle section, mostly because that’s what was easiest to cut on my mat. The quilt finished up at about a 49.5″ square.

I’m happy with the result and hope that it’s something that Will is going to grow to love and use a lot over the next few years!



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