Westyn’s Quilt

This is another baby quilt I made this summer for friends who weren’t finding out the baby’s gender before she was born. Their baby shower wasn’t until after the baby was born, but I had a feeling that with our due dates being so close I wouldn’t get a girly quilt finished in time, which is true (I do have two in progress, but they’ll have to go to other babies!). It’s kind of fitting, too, to send the quilt to the people I was thinking about as I was making it.

I cut the fabrics into blocks of even width (5.5 or 6″, I think) and lengths varying from 4-6″ to make a random kind of coin quilt. I pieced them into long strips, and then realized I had enough to make a reversible quilt by leaving the sashing out of the back. I tried, in general, to avoid matching fabrics from touching, but piecing improvisationally means that’s not always possible. I moved the strips around until I was happy enough with the placement, and took apart the ends to make the correct lengths where I needed to. The black and white check fabric is linen, and the quilt finished up measuring about 36×45″.

There are so few baby things in colors other than blue & pink – I wonder how much better things would sell if bright colors like this were also an option!

I’ll have to test and see how this method of labeling works out. These last two baby quilts were the first ones I’ve ever labeled, and I haven’t had time for embroidery. I just pinked the edge of a scrap of fabric, wrote on it with sharpie, and then hand stitched it on.


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