Mini Quilt for Erin

I’ve been working on this little quilt “on the side” for a friend’s birthday over the last month or so – whenever I was cutting fabric or piecing something else (or just wanted a 5 minute break in my day), I’d cut a few pieces of these fabrics and put them together. It’s about 10.5×15″, so she can use it for a tablemat or whatever. The free motion quilted words are a little crazy, but were fun to make. The hearts are hand embroidered.

Here’s the back. If it weren’t for the words on the front, it would be reversible. I was curious about trying a different kind of binding for art quilts that I’ve seen a few different places, and thankfully Robin shared tutorial recently (because I asked!) that worked out great here. I’m sure it’ll get better with practice.

(The photos aren’t great because I didn’t quite make my goal of finishing this before the sun went down the day of the party…but at least it got done before we went!)


Sneak peek of Will’s quilt

I was going to post this to show how I baste my quilts without having a large un-carpeted space to tape my quilt backs to, but in the process of rolling this onto the ironing board the back got bunchy so it needs to be basted again. So don’t follow my example, even though it’s the method that works best in the space I have. If quilts are slightly larger and I can get the table cleared off enough, I use the dining table instead.

Anyway, this is a sneak peek of the quilt I’m making for our quickly coming baby, which hopefully will be re-basted and quilted soon. There are a couple projects for other people’s babies that are on hold until I can get this under control.