Heather Ross Studio Sale

This was my haul from the Heather Ross studio sale. For those who don’t know, each year Heather clears out her studio of the samples and products that she’s accumulated from her manufacturers of the excess that she doesn’t need. The way she runs it is that you pick an amount to spend (I chose the lowest amount, $25), and give a few instructions, and she sends you a package of surprises. It’s a lot of fun opening that package to see what’s inside! I told her that I was having a baby boy this fall so I’d choose that kind of color palette, and that I could always use small scraps of fabric in patchwork. There are about 1/2 yard of each of the fabrics in the top photo. I have these prints in one of the other colorways, but I’m glad there are enough here to coordinate with each other in a project.

These flannel patches are kind of random – I’m making Will a cowboy themed quilt but I’m not sure these will really blend into it – maybe I’ll attach them to a jacket or vest with some fusible web. No complaining about such cute craft supplies, though!

And a monkey themed munki munki flannel baby blanket with cacti just like those patches. One of my friends warned me that you get a lot of blankets when you have a baby – which hasn’t stopped me from making a receiving blanket and quilt myself, and picking out ones I like with cute textile designs. I’m tempted to cut a couple up into burp clothes (but it seems a shame when they’re still brand new) and this one could be used for its fabric, but it’s oh so soft and oh so cute! Will may have a different blanket wrapped around his stroller or car seat each time we go out this winter.


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