Heather Ross Studio Sale

This was my haul from the Heather Ross studio sale. For those who don’t know, each year Heather clears out her studio of the samples and products that she’s accumulated from her manufacturers of the excess that she doesn’t need. The way she runs it is that you pick an amount to spend (I chose the lowest amount, $25), and give a few instructions, and she sends you a package of surprises. It’s a lot of fun opening that package to see what’s inside! I told her that I was having a baby boy this fall so I’d choose that kind of color palette, and that I could always use small scraps of fabric in patchwork. There are about 1/2 yard of each of the fabrics in the top photo. I have these prints in one of the other colorways, but I’m glad there are enough here to coordinate with each other in a project.

These flannel patches are kind of random – I’m making Will a cowboy themed quilt but I’m not sure these will really blend into it – maybe I’ll attach them to a jacket or vest with some fusible web. No complaining about such cute craft supplies, though!

And a monkey themed munki munki flannel baby blanket with cacti just like those patches. One of my friends warned me that you get a lot of blankets when you have a baby – which hasn’t stopped me from making a receiving blanket and quilt myself, and picking out ones I like with cute textile designs. I’m tempted to cut a couple up into burp clothes (but it seems a shame when they’re still brand new) and this one could be used for its fabric, but it’s oh so soft and oh so cute! Will may have a different blanket wrapped around his stroller or car seat each time we go out this winter.


Knit Blazer

I have a length of gray knit that I’ve been thinking of making a slouchy shrug with – but then I saw this last night and it would be just as comfy but much more professional looking. Of course it would require a new fabric purchase, because I think my knit is not quite stiff enough. And let’s not discuss the messy hair, ripped t-shirt and funny expression of the model. Or the $98 price tag because this sweatshirt is “formal”. Now if this goes on sale, you’d best believe it’s switching from sewing list to shopping list.


Less thinking, more doing

I tend to overthink things. Lately I think of a lot of blog posts, but I think of reasons not to write them. I don’t want this blog to be an obligation, but I also think I have the potential to be a real blogger if I could just sit down and write things on a regular basis. Getting myself organized enough to take and post pictures on a schedule is probably the biggest hurdle for me. Last week I uploaded a bunch, though, and this one has sat on flickr without me writing anything. (I have the other issue now too of writing things on my pregnancy blog, but not having crafty things to write – I may need to figure out how to just combine them already). I have a bunch of things that are either in progress or like this that are done and ready to post, but the 3rd trimester tiredness means that I get home every night from work ready for a nap and to put my feet up, not use a sewing machine or tempt carpal tunnel by using the sewing machine or hand-stitching. I have big hopes for the weekend, but I’m also trying not to get my expectations up because I may also need to rest. Even if I don’t have the chance to make a lot of things, I’d like to keep writing about all the stuff I’m thinking about crafts and creating, and to find ways to fit that into my current schedule. We’ll see how likely that is 🙂

So this pillow…I’m still not really sure what to say. I made the front about a year ago when I was making some things for my shop and wanted to do some playing. I cut out motifs from fabric (inspired by Bari J’s quilts) and put them down on fusible web onto a blue linen background. I did some free motion quilting all over the same thing, made a pillow back with a zipper, stitched on some binding, and let it sit for 9 months before I finished it off. It’s a little too time-consuming to make a lot of these for the shop, not the style of my house, and I’m not sure who would like it for a gift. Maybe if I ever do a craft show I’ll take it along. I think it’s fun that the flowers and leaves are from different fabric lines but still work together to make a pretty little garden.


Printed Linen Quilt

I have a couple projects I’ve worked on this summer that have no “use”. But I make crafts, not art, so there has to be a purpose, right? I’m really not sure, I just know that sometimes the idea for how to put several fabrics together comes to me and I have to get it out, and making them bigger just so someone could put this on their lap doesn’t really make sense. Plus, these fabrics are mostly linen blends and not the coziest things. It’s the size of a wall-hanging, but I don’t have enough walls for all the quilts I have, so it’ll go away in a stack for the time being. There was also a little bleeding that I’ll need to address at some point. Right now it’ll just get filed away in the portfolio of my work.

The other thing about this quilt is that it may be the most expensive piece in terms of raw materials that I could have done. Each of these fabrics is either hand screen-printed from an artist selling on etsy (hollabee & Lara Cameron), a limited sample from Lotta Jansdotter, or a Japanese import. The solid and backing are also linen blends. The quilt was pieced improvisationally – I cut the fabrics free-handed in varying sizes that made sense with the scales of the prints. It’s fun to play with no obligation, though, and have these fabrics out of the stash closet and into the real world.