to remember Summer 2010

  • saturday morning early garage sale-ing
  • trigger jumping in bed & licking our faces to wake us up, chewing shoes if we don’t respond quickly enough
  • lots of craigslist searching to find strollers (check) & armoires (double check) & minivans (not yet)
  • the jungle garden of tomatoes that took over, until we got tired of picking them
  • finally winning one battle with the hoa, thanks to carl’s hard work
  • time sitting outside in the evenings stitching til the sun goes down
  • a couple trips down to the beach to watch the sun set
  • hot hot heat in june & july, followed by a nice break in august & september
  • (finally) getting productive around the house & figuring out ways to clean it up (not done yet, but we have two more months!)

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