Screen-printed stuffies

There’s something I really love about 2D designs on stuffies – I can’t explain it, but I love them every time I see them. Click on the pictures below to see where you can buy them.

I came across this one this week through a link on craftgawker to

I have this one from artgoodies:

(and so far have saved it from Trigger’s paws)

and I’m thinking this one would be great for baby Will, considering his bedding has boats on it:

How fun are these guys? (Vintage Jane)

And this one is pretty cute too. (Robin and Mould)

Junecraft is on vacation, but she makes great ones, too.

I have a tree-hair girl from, but it doesn’t look like she’s making anything similar anymore.

I have this book sitting on my shelf just for this idea:

even though I’m pretty unlikely to make a design myself. But you never know.

Actually it might be a possibility for all those threadless t’s that have cool designs but have shrunk too much for me to wear them again…


2 thoughts on “Screen-printed stuffies

  1. my mother had that book when i was a kid. i flipped through it a million times if i flipped through it once. when i saw your picture i immediately thought “OMG! There are those creepy dolls!”

    Haha. That picture always weirded me out and intrigued me at the same time.

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