Inspiration Quilts

I’ve been making some good progress toward finished projects today (and been good about not starting anything new so far) but I want to keep track of the quilts that I’ve been putting in my favorites folder on flickr before they get lost in the depths when I add new things. Click through to flickr to see the photo credits and each one at a bigger size. I think it’s interesting for how many prints I buy and have, how many of these quilts are solid colors! Some of these are the quilt backs, too, which I liked better than the fronts.


One thought on “Inspiration Quilts

  1. Natalie says:

    I know what you mean! I have an ever-growing collection of favorites on flickr for inspiration, and I also tend to buy prints when the quilts I admire most generally use a lot of solids! I really like seeing what other people are looking at on flickr, it’s a great way to get new ideas and to be motivated to finish my current projects.

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