Summer food

Summer food

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I’m loving all of the photos of food showing up on flickr lately – probably more so this summer because we have fresh produce of our own so I’m not just staring in jealousy of other people’s lucky finds. We should have started measuring our quantities of tomatoes when we started picking, because we’re probably into bowl number 6 or 7, but I can’t be sure. So many are yellow globe tomatoes (cherry-tomato sized) and yellow pear tomatoes, and there’s not much to do with those except eat them plain, in salads, and on bruschetta, not that I’m complaining. Dad made a couple batches of pico de gallo this weekend using 10-12 romas in each batch and some of our fresh jalapenos. There seems to be some doubt as to whether I’ll get around to making sauce to freeze, but I’m claiming most of the red tomatoes that are ripe at this point to at least make an attempt at that. I just have to decide if I’ll go the long route and peel them first, or if I’ll cook with peels on and then strain, making a juicier sauce but such an easier process. It just screams to me of the kind of thing I need to be doing now to prepare for the baby coming this fall, putting food up in the freezer for when I don’t want to cook then. Looking at these photos I’m wondering what excuse I can come up with for making a peach pie, since the good ones are showing up at the grocery store now. Our other favorite so far this summer has been homemade blueberry ice cream. Oh, and see that photo of grilled pizza in the top row? On the menu for tonight with a few friends. Yum, yum.


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