Butterick 5363

I’ve been tracking my pregnancy clothes and belly size over on my other blog (why am I keeping them separate again? oh well), but for things that I make it seems like I should keep them here, on the “crafty” blog. I would have no idea how much my belly is growing if I wasn’t taking these pictures- when I look at myself from the front or look down at the belly the growth isn’t this obvious!

This dress isn’t a maternity pattern, per se, but I bought it on a 99 cent sale because it looked easy and I liked the kind-of-racerback that it had. Plus, my sister would say that I have a thing for jumpers, which I deny, but it does have the potential for layering in a multitude of ways which I love. That and finding a couple of yards at Hancock on the same day that matched the style of the pattern (even though I have plenty in my stash to make it over and over) and I was sold.

My secret for making this big enough for the growing belly was from Anna Maria Horner’s book Handmade Beginnings – if you read the Mariposa tunic/dress pattern, the only thing that’s different from the maternity version to the non-maternity version is a bigger square for the bottom of the front. So I made my normal size for the top and back, and then extended out to the biggest size that I could fit on the fabric for the front skirt portion. It didn’t work entirely smoothly for the way the pattern was constructed- the gathering is only supposed to happen from the tie, but I had to gather the larger skirt before I attached it to the bodice and so the casing for the tie isn’t completely smooth, but it worked well enough and produced a functional garment that I’m not ashamed to wear. Technically I made the tunic length – I just made it as long as I could on the length of fabric I had, so I think the dress would have been an awkward below knee kind of thing. I feel like the color washes me out, but it was far too hot on Saturday to think about putting a pair of capris on underneath the dress.

Every time I decide to improvise with a clothing pattern it takes a little longer than I think it will, but at least in this case it worked out well enough in the end.


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