Garden update

Turns out our garden is a little bit of a jungle. There are tomato plants that are taller than me (that’s over five and a half feet tall). There are areas we can’t get to except by climbing in.

There’s a vine climbing all over everything and through the fence (which is there to keep the dog out of the garden). And speaking of that vine – first we thought it was a green squash, then we thought it was butternut (since we picked a couple from that vicinity) but now we’re pretty sure it’s cantaloupe.

It’s all still a mystery though to know what we’ll be able to nurture to the point of harvesting, but it’s pretty fun to go out everyday and see what’s grown up where. We still haven’t gotten any blueberries before the birds have plucked them away – that’ll probably get better in future years as the bushes fill out more and we’ll cover them with netting then too. I was reading in July’s Martha Stewart the feature about planting containers – the gardener who planted the NC example said that in July it takes watering three times a day! Hopefully we get some rain soon because I can make it out there each evening, but I don’t think our water bill could handle three times a day.

Other years I’ve had the attitude that anything in my landscaping that needed watering wasn’t hardy enough for this environment, but it’s been funny to see what a little water can do in bringing “dead” gardenia bushes back to life since I’m out there watering the new growth anyway.

In other news, we found out we’re having a boy!


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