I’ve been stitching, sometimes

I’ve been carrying around these works in progress for awhile, now.

The cross stitch was started last fall, and the flowers in March. Sometimes you feel like following a pattern, and sometimes not, you know? I don’t do as much handwork at home, though, because I’m afraid of the puppy getting into needles and things. The cross stitch will probably be a gift, but I don’t know who for because I really don’t want a deadline on it. I’ll fill in the initials and date at the very end. The flowers may go into a mini-quilt. I started with the french knots and then made the petals freehand, never really knowing the shape of the next one.

This hooped tea towel is in my stitching bag, too, just in case inspiration strikes or I want to make a few stitches with the end of a thread. I love the print so much that I’m sure I’ll like whatever comes of it.


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