Green jacket

So along with needing maternity clothes, at the beginning of May I started working for a company with a slightly more formal dress code, or “corporate culture”. I work in an office surrounded by people in khakis and polo shirts, and jeans on Friday, but the guys from my company tend to wear suits, or at least shirt and tie. I’m the only woman from my company on my job site, so I don’t have any others to go by, but I feel like I need to make an effort to dress up more.

I don’t think the only way to do business professional is in a tailored suit, especially if you’ve seen the choices out there for maternity suits! I prefer a dress or a jacket with a dress, and dressy combinations including skirts or pants making appearances too. With it being far too hot to even consider cardigans now, though, I could use a few more jackets.

This one, Butterick 5332 was super simple to put together, so much so that even by overthinking I couldn’t mess it up too much. I made a size 14, which buttons (for now) over my changing figure, but allows room for the belly to poke out more and more. I was so glad it was finished and fit that I wore it right away, because I can’t predict how anything will fit from one day to the next. Of course it didn’t really give me something that dressy when I’ve paired it with a denim skirt, and it’s a fairly casual fabric, but it still helps stretch the wardrobe a little bit. I’d think about fixing those pulls near the armpits if I knew this would still fit when my figure goes back to “normal” whatever my new normal turns out to be!

This fabric is pique (a little more lime green than in this photo) and came from Paula a long time ago when she was clearing out some scraps – I have no idea what it was for, though, because it was oddly cut into 25″ squares. Thankfully, all of these pattern pieces fit, and I had a square leftover to re-cut a piece that had a stain on it. I should take a close-up picture of the buttons I found in my stash, because they’re pretty unique too.

Pattern review here.


Garden Peek

Carl’s small amount of free time this spring and summer has gone into planting and maintaining a garden. Lots of things have been grown from seeds, and now we’re at the fun part of seeing recognizable things appear. These were taken a few weeks ago, but we both enjoy coming home each day (ok, for Carl it’s night and he’s out there with his headlamp) and seeing the new growth and changes. Anything that we’d want to take with us if we move is in a big pot, and everything else is in our crazy chicken wire of a garden plot. Hopefully we’ll get some blueberries that the birds don’t steal from us, we’ll water enough for the watermelons to grow nice and big, and catch the tomatoes and squash that are taking over the space at just the right time. We picked some basil for veggie soup over the weekend for our first taste.


I’ve been stitching, sometimes

I’ve been carrying around these works in progress for awhile, now.

The cross stitch was started last fall, and the flowers in March. Sometimes you feel like following a pattern, and sometimes not, you know? I don’t do as much handwork at home, though, because I’m afraid of the puppy getting into needles and things. The cross stitch will probably be a gift, but I don’t know who for because I really don’t want a deadline on it. I’ll fill in the initials and date at the very end. The flowers may go into a mini-quilt. I started with the french knots and then made the petals freehand, never really knowing the shape of the next one.

This hooped tea towel is in my stitching bag, too, just in case inspiration strikes or I want to make a few stitches with the end of a thread. I love the print so much that I’m sure I’ll like whatever comes of it.