I always get jealous of other people that seem to come across awesome vintage pattern stashes at garage sales and thrift stores, and I haven’t had such luck in the past. I was pretty excited to find these two patterns at my thrift store this winter for a quarter each. Of course, I had to dig through a huge rubbermaid full of early 90’s fashion disasters, and they’re not in my size, but I like the idea of the lace inset of the one on the left (especially the white top) and the closure on the jacket from the Vogue pattern.

Of course, we’ve been doing a lot of garage saleing this summer and I did come across a box full of patterns, mostly vintage, for $2. It was pretty fun to see the passage of time for this family- patterns from the 40’s from the grandma, halter bikinis in the 70’s for the daughter, maternity clothes in the 80’s, and kids patterns throughout. I’ll have to scan some- some I’ll obviously get rid of, whether re-donating or listing a big lot on etsy or ebay. Some of the vintage ones I’ll keep to make or for inspiration, but there are a few vintage ones I know I’ll never use because they’re just not right for my body type that I’ll sell individually.

Hoping to finish my first maternity sewing project today! Wish me luck.


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