What else is going on?

Say hi!

This is our 14 week ultrasound, our first peek at our little one at 8.25 cm long. We’re pretty excited and I’m thankfully starting to feel so much better this week. I’m going to blog about pregnancy (and other family stuff) over here so this can stay a crafty place. I’m not sure how it’ll work – if I don’t have time to update one blog it seems weird to start a new one, but hopefully having separate spaces will inspire me to keep sharing.

Now that I’m starting to get some energy back and am back towards a more normal bedtime, there’s been some actual crafting happening too that I can share! I have lots of plans for maternity clothes sewing, but it’s such a tricky thing – I can still wear plenty of my normal wardrobe now to get by (more skirts than pants, at least), and I’m not sure if I should sew to my current shape or how to guess what my future shape will be. So when it comes time to choose a project I generally choose patchwork. I have a few baby quilts to get through for pregnant friends at least!


2 thoughts on “What else is going on?

  1. Awwwww, congratulations! I am sorry I missed this post the other day. I hope you have the very best pregnancy — I’ve got only the best memories of mine. 🙂

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