I always get jealous of other people that seem to come across awesome vintage pattern stashes at garage sales and thrift stores, and I haven’t had such luck in the past. I was pretty excited to find these two patterns at my thrift store this winter for a quarter each. Of course, I had to dig through a huge rubbermaid full of early 90’s fashion disasters, and they’re not in my size, but I like the idea of the lace inset of the one on the left (especially the white top) and the closure on the jacket from the Vogue pattern.

Of course, we’ve been doing a lot of garage saleing this summer and I did come across a box full of patterns, mostly vintage, for $2. It was pretty fun to see the passage of time for this family- patterns from the 40’s from the grandma, halter bikinis in the 70’s for the daughter, maternity clothes in the 80’s, and kids patterns throughout. I’ll have to scan some- some I’ll obviously get rid of, whether re-donating or listing a big lot on etsy or ebay. Some of the vintage ones I’ll keep to make or for inspiration, but there are a few vintage ones I know I’ll never use because they’re just not right for my body type that I’ll sell individually.

Hoping to finish my first maternity sewing project today! Wish me luck.


What else is going on?

Say hi!

This is our 14 week ultrasound, our first peek at our little one at 8.25 cm long. We’re pretty excited and I’m thankfully starting to feel so much better this week. I’m going to blog about pregnancy (and other family stuff) over here so this can stay a crafty place. I’m not sure how it’ll work – if I don’t have time to update one blog it seems weird to start a new one, but hopefully having separate spaces will inspire me to keep sharing.

Now that I’m starting to get some energy back and am back towards a more normal bedtime, there’s been some actual crafting happening too that I can share! I have lots of plans for maternity clothes sewing, but it’s such a tricky thing – I can still wear plenty of my normal wardrobe now to get by (more skirts than pants, at least), and I’m not sure if I should sew to my current shape or how to guess what my future shape will be. So when it comes time to choose a project I generally choose patchwork. I have a few baby quilts to get through for pregnant friends at least!


Quilter’s Blog Festival 2010

Whoo – time to dust off the old blog. No better time than a day set aside to talk about quilting, right?

 The sewing machine’s been gathering a little dust too, but I’ve been getting back at it the last few weekends, so there’s still hope that my big plans will get completed! I have at least 10 quilts in progress or drafted out on paper, so I have some work to do.

Since we’re here to talk about quilts, here’s my favorite of the quilts I’ve made so far:

When I’m making a new quilt and I’m tempted to take an easy way out, I try to remind myself of the things I like about this one and put more of that in my work. Mainly, the use of color and the improvisational nature. The thing is, this one is so “me” that when I’m making a gift for someone I’m not sure if they’ll “get” it, so I tend to play it safer. I think I might need to make more smaller quilts to work out my artsy ideas, and not feel like that time is wasted because I haven’t ended up with at least a lap sized quilt.

Now, since you’re here, and you like quilts, can you answer a question for me about some quilting I started at the beginning of the year?

 (I’ve been inspired by r0ssie’s process challenge, too). I made this quilt top and started quilting it back in January or February. I’ll show some close-ups another time, but it’s made with Tula Pink Neptune charm squares in the middle of improv’ed frames. My idea was to do free motion squares, kind of like on this sample piece:

They worked out pretty well there, albeit with a few skipped stitches and the rows aren’t perfectly straight, but I jumped right into my quilt. However, it didn’t really seem to work the same way on the bigger piece, and it’s very tiring to do this. I have about a third of the quilt quilted and it took at least two sessions to get it there. Free-motion on my machine is extra fun because the needles fall out (the screw holding them in loosens as I stitch) and so many get broken along the way. 3 broken needles in one session is my limit for quilting time, or until my arms get tired. A lot of the squares are overlapping now, and I’m thinking it just looks sloppy.

So the alternatives are that I could rip this all out and do straight line quilting in a fairly small grid, I could try to finish it as is, or I could rip it out and start over trying this pattern instead:

Thoughts? I’m really leaning towards straight line quilting at this point, but it would be a shame to lose the originality of my first idea.

Thanks for stopping by! And I really will try to keep posting and not just disappear for months at a time…a combination of a change in work schedule and real life stuff kind of got in the way, but I’m glad to be back.