Lovin’ the snow

These were taken a week ago, although we had snow this last weekend as well. Not as much as DC or northern parts of VA, but a fun treat for the more southeastern part of the state, especially since this weekend was just supposed to be rain. Trigger was loving it, although he got cold paws and wouldn’t stay out for very long, but couldn’t stay in very long either. We have snow in the forecast again, but it’s pretty tough to believe that it’ll accumulate for the third week in a row when usually we have a decent amount just about once a year.


fabric necklace

Why is it that I like the $58 version of this (from Boden), but whenever I think of making something similar for myself it seems like a ridiculous idea that I’d never wear? If I bought it I’d still get the question, “did you make that”, but that line of it actually being homemade is just too much. For now, at least.