Friday Favorites

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These are a few of my favorite (non-quilt) flickr photos this month. Here are the links I’ve bookmarked this week:

Coffee arabica plant We ordered some blueberry bushes that will be planted in containers so we can take them with us if we move. Of course while I was ordering them, I saw a tropical plant segment on Martha that had me dreaming of other things to grow, including a coffee plant. I’m thinking that will have to wait until we actually have a house with a bright window or a greenhouse. But fun.

Tissue-fitting vlog For some reason I don’t often watch web videos, but I’m interested in learning to fit patterns better, so I’ve filed this one away for when I’m sewing something and need it.

Bleach resist dyed scarf Um, I need to make this project. So cool.

Mocha Silk Pie I’ve made similar recipes to this, but this one looks just perfect.


One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. LOVE the total eye candy images you selected. thanks so much for sharing your favorite links. I need to check out the tissue fitting vlog link – i plan on trying to sew more clothing and i can use any help i can get. oh heck, maybe i’ll also click on the mocha pie link…great post and have a wonderful weekend.

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