True Up’s Fabrics of 2009

Apologies to those of you who don’t love fabric quite as much as I do, but there are fabric prizes at stake here! Plus there’s a chance to talk about my favorites from the last year, so here goes:

-Favorite Quilting Weight Cotton Collection

Joel Dewberry’s Deer Valley. Joel’s prints are so unique among the variety of designs available. I underestimated the fact that many quilt shops wouldn’t see these the same way I did, and by the time they were marked down the slightest bit they went fast. I got a few of the prints, including a yard of the tarragon antlers, but the smaller scale prints only grow in my appreciation of them and are pretty tough to find now. So I’ll just have to wait for the next Joel Dewberry collection and buy sooner this time! And hopefully more shops will carry the line!

– Favorite Under the Radar/Sleeper Collection

I loved Josephine Kimberling’s Hot Blossom line and especially the clothes she had made up to show it off (she has a background in retail apparel design that really showed in this line). Now how about if her next collection could be made in apparel weight fabrics and not just in quilting cottons? Cute clothing prints in quilting cottons are not making it easy for me to move on to other types of fabric.

– Favorite Digitally Printed Fabric

Betz White has written a couple great books and design great new craft patterns. I love this fabric line, Indian Summer, probably because the colors exactly match my living room. She has a commitment to green crafting and this line is printed digitally on demand.
– Favorite Handprinted Fabric

I went over to ink and spindle to find this fabric to post and almost couldn’t find it – looks like I need to buy some quickly before they’re all out and they’re not printing this design any more! There are other great ones too – this and this and this. The problem with the fabrics from these designers is that I have such a hard time cutting into them because the pieces are all so precious.
– Favorite Trend (Motifs)

I loved basics like polka dots showing up in all sorts of lines (this one’s from Paula Prass’s Woodland Delight) so that there are fabrics that can be used in any type of quilt without tying too closely to any one designer. Sometimes the fabrics from different designers don’t play well together, but these are an exception.
– Favorite Trend (Colors)

I was glad to see “new” colors on the market (this is Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley, which was full of new colors). Muted tones, neutrals, gray! Anything that moves beyond the bright, clear, conversational prints.

– Favorite Overall Designer

I’m not sure if I can pick just one, but looking at this mosaic, I’m not sure if I can argue with Anna Maria Horner for being so prolific at least!

– Favorite Novelty Print

Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voile. This is “novelty” without being cutesy. AMH always has great prints and colors for playing around with. I need to use up a little more of the Good Folks I have laying around before I can move on to these.

– Favorite Floral Print

I can’t leave Amy Butler off my list! I like this “new way to do a floral”. I have a half yard of this (from LOVE), but may need to pick up the other colorway as well.

– Favorite Solid/Nonprinted

I may need to save my pennies for these (hm, this post is kind of turning into a “if money was no object wish list), but the French General Rouenneries are just gorgeous and total stand-outs in the market.


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