Sweet Peas and Carrots Quilt

Gasp! A quilt made from pre-cuts, all from one line of fabric! I made this quilt (started it this summer and gave it to my mom for Christmas) from a Moda Sweet Jelly Roll (that’s the 1 1/2″ one, right?), and added some Amy Butler solid orange because it coordinated so well and toned down the pinkiness for me. The quilt is bound in Amy Butler solid green, which brought the peas and concept.

The piecing was pretty simple. I sewed together groups of five strips with an orange solid in the middle, all the way along the 44″ length. Once the long strips were finished, I cut them into squares (roughly 5.5″), and then grouped them into blocks of 9 with white sashing in between. I tried to make sure the groups of five were all different prints and colors, and that each group of 9 was unique without repeats. Amazingly enough, with no advance planning I was only short one of the smaller squares for the layout, so I just used a solid orange square there. If I’d have been straighter with my piecing that probably would have been avoidable.

I have to say, even though using just one line can be less interesting than choosing my own fabric combinations, there’s something to be said for being able to sit down with a new fabric and sew right away, without having to do any first steps.

I quilted this in an all over, dense “scribble” design – loops that cross over themselves everywhere. That helps keep it from feeling too traditional. It measures about 44×70″, which is perfect for using a two yard cut of fabric as a backing, which I did since this line of fabric went on sale before the quilt was completed.

This is the last of my completed quilts to post – I have a couple cut, but not even tops put together, so I need to get back to work!


3 thoughts on “Sweet Peas and Carrots Quilt

  1. GORGEOUS! Love the blocks – and all without following actual directions or stressing over it too much… I need to do that more often 🙂 Nice choices on the solids too!

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