Chocolate Lollipop Quilt

Well now that Christmas has past, I can post the Christmas gifts I made! This one went to my sister. I wasn’t sure when I started, but as it went along I realized that this would fit well into her tastes (she loved the border fabrics, and that the patchwork squares were still my style, but not “old-fashioned”).

This quilt was a lot more of a process than a lot of quilts are for me. I cut out all of the strips and then they sat that way on my dresser for a long time.  I started with fabrics that had aquas and yellows, and then wasn’t sure that I liked that combination so much.  I cut strings because there were a couple prints that I didn’t love, and I knew they’d blend in fine with the prints that were stronger.

I had a couple problems in designing the quilt, though. One was that I could not get my head around what I wanted to do with the strips. I didn’t really want to do a log cabin or set-in-squares design, I’ve just done enough of that recently. I kept thinking string quilt, but didn’t want it to be too pastel or too busy, and couldn’t excited by cutting muslin foundation pieces or paper to be ripped off. I knew I didn’t want to put white in the middle of each square, but wasn’t sure that linen would be substantial enough of a contrast. I tried to look at other options for strip-pieced quilts, but diagonal designs were definitely stuck on my brain. The first idea was to use linen on half of the string square, and then I realized that brown would set off the aquas nicely and take care of the problem of the pastels.

I didn’t get more excited about the individual prints that weren’t my favorites as I went along, but I was pretty happy to see that these two Chocolate Lollipop prints that I’ve been holding onto for awhile would work well as borders, and I used another for the binding. The quilt measures around 45×60″.

The backing is pieced from the leftovers (a patchwork strip and larger blocks), the green solid is a shot cotton. And here’s a glimpse of the biggest fan of my projects in process – no matter what fabric I lay out, he has to be right there (or chew on the pieces of batting sticking out), which makes basting extra fun!


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Lollipop Quilt

  1. shannon says:

    So excited to see my house on your blog. I’ve been enjoying cuddling with my new quilt on these chilly illinois evenings!

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