A couple things to catch up on

1. You might not believe the reports about 2012 being all special effects, no story, when the movie spends the first hour trying to set up a storyline. They shouldn’t have bothered – it was 2 hours and 45 minutes long and had so many extraneous points that didn’t really make sense when we thought about it later. Its only entertainment value was really in the post-movie analysis!

2. I made the sweet potato chipotle soup from December’s Everyday Food after reading about it on shutterbean. She had it written up before my copy of the magazine even came! Mmmm. I loaded it up with chips and cheese to eat it. The only thing is that sometimes with pureed soups I have to get over feeling like there’s a baby food texture. It would be good to just add chipotle to mashed sweet potatoes, though, too. Also, I normally would make it with one box of chicken broth and 3 cups of water, except that I just bought a big pack of chicken broth at Costco. We’ll see if Carl will eat this “where’s the meat” meal. Good thing we brought home plenty of Thanksgiving leftovers.

3. Birds keep coming in and getting kind of stuck on our screen porch. I’m going to end up with a bird in the house if I’m not careful, but if I shut the door to the house too hard, Trigger won’t stay outside to play by himself. He’s also started barking more (sorry, neighbors), probably to scare the birds away when he wants the yard to himself or when he’s scared of the neighborhood dogs barking.

4. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t learned about how much better high quality threads work. Even in my cheap machine it makes such a difference in how many needles I break and how many stitches I skip. I thought I had found a good source for gutterman, but it looks like they only have polyester. So now I’m weighing a Superior or Aurifil purchase.


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