3 New Pillows with Wool Felt

Here are the first of the three new pillows to be added to Gracie May this week! I’m gradually getting them photographed and listed and I’ll show them here as well (but hopefully find some other things to blog about so you’re not overwhelmed with my sales pitch!). You can click on each of the photos to go directly to the listings for each pillow.

I have a lot of fun cutting out geometric shapes from wool felt and moving them around on fabric. It’s such a great form of applique since you don’t have to worry about the raw edges or anything. The second two of these also use linen, another favorite material. It means that these pillows will be slightly wrinkly, but I like a casual “lived in” look instead of furnishings that are too fussy and can’t be touched.

After asking on twitter and facebook last week, I’ve decided to sell these all as pillow covers, because not including the pillow forms saves considerably on shipping costs. Pillow forms are available upon request, though. I always make pillow covers with zippers so that the pillow forms stay securely inside since the few that I made with envelope backs seem to gape and show the pillow form, no matter how much the two sides overlap. Enjoy!


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