pink & aqua quilt

Eventually I’ll have to move on from naming my quilts after the colors I’ve made them from, but I guess it works for now! This is the latest quilt that I’ve finished stitching down the binding on. I had the color combination for this one, hot pink, aqua, and gray, in my head for so long before I pulled the fabrics and actually made it. Does that happen to anyone else? Before I got married (or engaged) I would daydream about what colors my wedding would be more than any other aspect of the big day. I think I read wedding websites just to daydream about palettes (and I ended up choosing more of a theme than a color combo for my wedding, so I guess I’m getting it all out in quilts). One of the best things about having a fabric stash is to be able to pull out piles of fabric and see how well they coordinate. If only my co-workers knew the number of meetings I’ve frittered away wondering if I could get away with wearing a certain color combination from my closet. Maybe it’s my grown-up version of coloring books.

Anyway, so the quilt. This is another improvised one, just in case you were trying to find a pattern in the blocks there. I thought it would be neat if it looked like the yellow roses were climbing up through the frames, and just popping out wherever they could. I cut the rose fabric into rectangles based on where the design breaks were (my version of fussy cutting) and then added frames with the pink and gray. It was kind of time consuming, though, to get everything arranged and in straight-ish lines, so I was left without energy to make it much bigger. The two borders are Flea Market Fancy and another Anna Maria Horner garden party print, and the binding is a cake rock beach shot cotton. I think the gray is from Moda 1974 and the inner pink is from Tula Pink?

All told, I’m not sure what to do with this one now. It’s quite a distinctive color combo, so I’m wondering if anyone else will find it as striking as I do. It’s a little small for a throw- more of a baby quilt size really, but the design doesn’t strike me as juvenile in the least. It’ll go on the stack for now (don’t worry- I have a few coming up that I’m definitely giving away for Christmas).

Here’s the back, in case you were curious. Mostly kona white, the rest of the roses, and a better view of my wonky free motion quilting. I’m calling the design “beads on a string” and it was the first time where I’ve actually taken the time to remove a few rows and do them better because I had improved so much by the end compared to where I had started. Plus, they looked like cursive ‘e’s on the back, and I couldn’t get over that fact.

I finished sewing a pile of pillow covers for the shop today, but not while it was still light out, so no photos or listings yet. We’re going out of town for the holiday tomorrow, but should be back in time for me to get some photos done and have them listed before Cyber Monday! I do have an ad in a showcase on Saturday, so I’ll be curious to know if that works or not.


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