Grateful Week 2

If I posted every day, I could list what I’m thankful for every day, but I’ll just have to continue to post the list when I do write. It’s been fun being more aware throughout the week of all of the things I have to be thankful for. I took pictures yesterday and then the battery in the camera died. One day I’ll get a routine established.

The biggest thing to be thankful for these last couple of days is having a warm, dry, home during what the weather people are calling our “November Nor’easter”. We’ve gotten over four inches since yesterday, and there’s plenty still coming down. So far the wind hasn’t been too bad here yet, though, so we still have power. The puppy’s been napping a lot which helps me to get my work done, but I do have to go out in the rain with him when he goes out so he’ll brave the wetness and cool air. We have some puddling but are safely off the flood plain, which is good news too. 

I’ve also been blessed in the last week by lots of opportunities for sweet fellowship. Both in being a guest and in hosting, I’m glad to have the time and the chances to spend time with friends over meals and at parties. Coming up this Saturday is one of our favorite events of the year for our fellowship group (when we get around to scheduling it – February was the last one, and it’s not like it takes a lot of work to get set up). We call it “family dinner”, and it works to get to know people in a more comfortable setting then would otherwise be possible. While our group does a couple potlucks throughout the year during our normal meeting times, I realized a couple years ago that when we were up over 30 people in average attendance that people were becoming hesitant to invite the whole group to their house for a meal, since that would be  a huge number for most people to host casually. So instead, we break up into groups of 7 or 8 (and try to mix up singles, married couples, people who already know each other well and newcomers to the group) into dinner parties hosted at different homes. That way no one has to do all the work, and no one is excluded from the fun. I’ve learned things about people in this setting that I haven’t learned just chit-chatting before our after Bible study because sometimes it’s easier there to just talk to the people I already know well and stay focused on checking in about their weeks. This Saturday we have four hosts set up (all I do is find out who wants to host and then assign people to houses – the hosts arrange all the rest) and I’m excited for the time that we’ll spend together.

I guess this is the season, and for the next couple months more and more social occasions are getting scheduled around the Holidays, and I have to remind myself that these occasions don’t get in the way of life, that they build relationships and are the point of the rest of it. I’m lucky to have the friends that I do here, and to get a chance to see them all on a regular basis just adds to the blessings. I used to be better about keeping in touch with friends who were far away, and lately unless they’re on facebook I haven’t tried very hard, so that’s something to keep working on.


2 thoughts on “Grateful Week 2

  1. i couldn’t agree more! i am so grateful for all my friends – but it can be difficult to fit social events in around kiddos, pets, crafting time and just plain old rest time. plus i am the biggest homebody. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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